Farage celebrates crushing remainers as the UK is set to break free in 30 days

Nigel Farage wished Brexiteers a Happy New Year and celebrated helping the Conservative party gain its huge majority, saying that “without us, Boris would not have become PM”.

The Brexit Party leader said: “Happy New Year! We are leaving the EU in January, the Remoaners are crushed, and most of Parliament’s Brexit blockers are gone.

The Brexit Party made much of this possible and I thank everyone who helped and supported us.”

Brexit Party MEP Richard Tice along with Mr Farage signed a New Year’s message to Brexiteers.

Their statement said: “Without us, Boris would not have become PM.

“The Conservative Party knew that to win, they had to copy many of our policies and ideas.

“History will clearly show this. We put country before party.”

“Standing down in over 300 seats effectively guaranteed a Boris majority, the only question was its size.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that we have not succeeded in our main goals.”

We are now set to leave the EU on January 31.

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