Flight makes Emergency landing after Instagrammer shouts he has Coronavirus

28 year old James Potok was on board a flight from Toronto to Jamaica when he thought he would produce a little video for his Instagram account.

However what he described as a little joke turned into a far more serious event.

The aspiring musician, who calls himself Potok Philippe and has more than 30,000 Instagram followers said:

‘Can I get everybody’s attention please. I just came back from Hunan province, the capital of the coronavirus. I’m not feeling too well. Thank you.’

The prank resulted in an emergency landing back at Toronto and led to him being escorted off the plane in a mask and gloves that airline staff had made him wear. Potok was then arrested and charged with mischief after the WestJet plane was forced to turn back and a second flight was also cancelled as a result.

He later said ‘In retrospect it probably wasn’t the best thing to do.’

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