Fly-tippers caught dumping rubbish on M6 forced to drive back and clean up their mess

Fly-tippers who were caught dumping rubbish on the M6 motorway are forced to drive five miles back to their rubbish by police and forced to clean up their mess.

CCTV operators spotted three men dumping bags of rubbish on a grass verge next to an emergency refuge bay between junctions 12 and 13, near Stafford on Sunday.

The 3 men were pictured bending down to pick up their piles of rubbish by hand after they were shamed by officers on social media.

CMPG officers tweeted: ‘M6 J12 to J13 a eagle eyed @HighwaysWMIDS who was monitoring the CCTV cameras notice the occupants of a Passat dumping rubbish in a ERA bay.

‘We intercepted the vehicle M6 J14 to J15 and escorted them back clear their rubbish up. Details passed to @EnvAgency’

Highways England Network Operations Manager for the Midlands, James Hawkes, said: ‘We spotted this blatant and reckless abuse of one of our designated emergency areas on our CCTV system and quickly passed it to the police.

‘We continue to work closely with our police colleagues who enforce issues like this.

‘Emergency areas are there for just that, an emergency.

‘They’re not there for people who fly-tip, which is highly irresponsible and illegal.’

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