Forecasters warn of more Heavy Snow this week!

Britain has had a wild day in terms of Weather with 3-4″ of Snow across some higher areas in the North of England along with Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Elsewhere has seen another deluge of rain bringing river levels back up to those similar to the aftermath of Storm Dennis. This has brought a severe flood risk to many with Shrewsbury in particular facing the highest river level ever witnessed.

As we go into tomorrow colder air will filter South and the day will begin with Western areas catching the odd snow shower. As the day progresses these may become heavier and stretch further inland before reaching right across to the South East tomorrow evening.

Snow is not expected to settle widely away from Northern England and Scotland however areas that catch some of the heavier periods of snowfall may see a cm or two.

Wednesday and Thursday will see some light snow flurries in the West at times particularly the further North you are otherwise it will be largely fine until Friday when we will see a band of rain/sleet and snow moving across the country.

Saturday could be the most interesting day. A small area of low pressure has been forecast to slide across central Southern England bumping into colder air in situ over the UK. The exact timings will be critical as will any change in position so at this stage confidence is low. Should these play out as current models suggest then there is the potential for 5-10cms across parts of Wales the Midlands and East Anglia.

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