Forest of Cannabis trees found stuffed in back of van trying to escape floods

Flood victims across South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have been doing what they can to save their most treasured possessions from the floods – including this forest of cannabis plants.

Police stopped this van in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, after it was spotted speeding. However, the driver and the passenger ran off across the fields when they were pulled over.

Officers managed to get into the van and found that it was packed full of bin bags filled with 25 mature cannabis plants with a street value of over £20,000.

The driver, 26, was arrested nearby on suspicion of growing cannabis and supplying drugs.

The second man is still being hunted by police.

Police then went to a house in Worksop as part of their investigations and found that the cellar had been flooded, disrupting the electricity supply to the attic where the plants were being grown.

They found another cannabis plant they had left behind and growing equipment.

Sergeant Tony Rungay said: ‘What started as a relatively routine vehicle stop led to the discovery of a large quantity of drugs. ‘The flooding has had a big impact on the town of Worksop, causing misery for a number of families who have had to leave their homes. ‘However, it appears it has also had the impact of flushing out some criminal activity by halting some large-scale cannabis production.’