Fury as MPs to get £2,000 pay rise bringing their salary to £84,000

Politicians are in line for a £2,000 pay rise on April 1 despite Britons facing further squeezes from National Insurance costs, gas bills and council tax.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance criticised the potential increase, with its chief executive saying ‘’politicians should be paid in line with the ‘country’s economic performance.’’

MPs currently get paid £81,932 and usually receive a yearly pay rise linked to average public sector pay increases, which would this year result in a 2.7 per cent increase.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance said: ’Now is not the time for MPs to get a pay rise.’

It comes as damning new figures show UK household income was beginning to flatline before the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis struck.

British families could see be hit heavily in the pocket this year. Experts say that tax rises, soaring inflation and high gas prices could leave them hundreds of pounds out of pocket as soon as April.

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