Fury as PC Harper’s killers get £500K of taxpayers cash in legal aid

PC Andrew Harper’s killers were given nearly £500,000 of taxpayers’ cash in legal aid for their trial.

The officer’s widow Lissie, 29, tonight blasted the huge bill spent on defending Henry Long, 19, and Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18.

She said the cost saddened her but encouraged her to fight for Harper’s Law, which would see tougher sentences given to killers of emergency workers.

The terms have now been referred to the Attorney General, who will consider whether or not they are unduly lenient.

Meanwhile, Bowers and Cole are trying to challenge their convictions and sentences meaning the legal aid bill will rise further.

The cost of defence solicitors during police interviews and then solicitors and barristers for their trial at the Old Bailey last month came to £465,767.
Long got £169,174, Bowers £131,695 and Cole £164,898

Lissie said: “It saddens me — but does not surprise me — that so much public money has been and continues to be spent on defending the indefensible.

“These individuals continue to show no remorse for their heinous crimes.

“It’s news such as this that makes me more determined than ever to keep on fighting for Harper’s Law.

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