Game-changer camera caught 15,000 drivers using their phones

A new motorway camera has caught thousands of distracted motorists using a mobile behind the wheel.

The cameras that instantly catch people using a phone are being trialled on motorways across the UK with the expectation they will be rolled out widely across the UK’s Motorway network in the future.

Shocking findings from the trial suggest one in 200 drivers use their phone while driving on the motorway.

During the course of the trial, a single camera caught 15,000 people with a phone in their hand in just six months.

But the true figure will be much higher as the cameras were not monitoring all lanes of traffic, and were not used continuously.

The cameras use artificial intelligence to instantly analyse high definition photos taken through the windscreen of every passing vehicle.

They can be fitted to overhead gantries or portable trailers, taking images in all weathers.

If the cameras are legally approved, drivers face being sent notices of intended prosecution similar to speeding penalties.

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