Gemma Collins wants to be Prime Minister so she can give everyone money and ice cream

Gemma Collins says she wants to be Prime Minister and thinks she could do a better job than Boris Johnson, and told him to “move over”.

Gemma would only expect Brits to work three days a week, give them free ice cream, “endless money” and she would make sure everyone had a pool.

 “If I was to be Prime Minister for the country I would definitely make things a lot more fun.

“I think my ideal future is that everyone could have endless money, so everyone could have whatever they want.

She also plans to make some changes out Downing Street, including giving its iconic entrance a makeover.

“Obviously Downing Street wouldn’t know what hit them.

“I’d make sure my door at Downing Street was pink.

“And I wouldn’t be coming out doing any bog standard boring announcements.

“When the GC rolls out to make an announcement to her people, she’d be coming along a pink carpet, there would be music, there would be a glass of champagne as I was delivering a message to the nation.”

She added: “That would be a good future for everyone.”

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