Girl aged 5 is the ninth child to die from Strep A in UK outbreak

A five-year-old girl has sadly died from Strep A – taking the total number of fatalities across the UK to nine.

The child became severely ill last week and was being treated at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

Parents of P1 to P3 pupils at Black Mountain Primary School were sent a letter by the Public Health Agency.

The confirmed a child had been diagnosed with a severe form of the bacterial infection.

It comes after schools minster Nick Gibb said all schoolchildren could be given anti-biotics in a bid to halt the outbreak.

Pupils were told the attend a clinic or see their GP to receive antibiotics.

On Monday the principal of Brackenagh West Primary School near Kilkeel in County down said dozens of pupils were suffering from strep A infections.

The Public Health Agency is asking parents to be vigilant.

It is understood the authorities are working closely with those schools that are affected.

Community groups are also being contacted about affected children who may have used their facilities.

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