Girls skipping school because they feel unsafe using gender neutral toilets

Some girls are skipping school because they feel unsafe using gender-neutral toilets, it has been reported.

Parents and teachers are both said to have expressed their concerns that female pupils have large worries about sharing the toilets with boys.

One particular issue that was raised was that some girls are not going to school during their periods because they fear becoming a victim of “period shame” – where girls were meant to feel embarrassed, usually by boys, for having their period.

Other issues are that some girls are risking picking up an infection because they refuse to urinate all day. Another is that some females are refusing to drink liquids at school so they do not have to go to the toilet.

There has been a drive recently to design gender-neutral toilets in order to become more inclusive of kids who identify as transgender and want to use the same facilities as the opposite sex.

But now doctors and politicians have called on schools to halt the move as a way of protecting female pupils.

GP Tessa Katz highlighted the potential problems girls could have if they held their urine in for long periods of time on a regular basis.

One mother said: “The cubicles were open at the bottom and top so older pupils can easily climb up the toilets and peer over.”

Tory MP David Davies, who has backed claims that transgender rights were overriding those of women, said: “If girls are not comfortable sharing toilets with boys then schools should make provision for them, rather than saying girls have got a problem.”

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