Government to introduce Voter ID to tackle Electoral Fraud and Safeguard Democracy

Voters across the country will have to show ID such as driving licences or passports before casting their ballot, under plans to be unveiled in the Queen’s Speech on Monday.

The Government is planning to introduce a legal requirement for voters to produce photographic ID, in order to safeguard against electoral fraud.

A new Electoral Integrity Bill will also limit the number of relatives for whom anyone can act as a proxy, and outlaw the “harvesting” of postal ballots by political parties and activists.

The proposed roll-out of a requirement for photo ID is likely to be opposed by Labour. Who will use the excuse that it will make it harder for people to vote.

Constituency’s run by labour such as Peterborough are most at risk for electoral fraud to occur. Which is why labour have been against introducing voter ID in the past as this will likely lead to MPs loses their seats in some parts of the country.

A Government source said ” A secure electoral system is vital by changing the law to require voters to show ID , as they do in many other daily activities and taking steps to cut down proxy and postal voter fraud, we can ensure everyone’s vote counts and strengthen public trust in our democracy.”

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