Harry & Meghan paid more in legal fees than they raised for their Archewell charity

IRS Filings have revealed the previously Royal couple had to pay more in legal fees to dissolve their original ‘Sussex Royal’ UK foundation.

The Sussexes’ US charity Archewell told the IRS in December that it raised less than $50,000 in 2020, Only opening a bank account last January.

And documents for their UK charity Sussex Royal, which changed its name to MWX Foundation in 2020 and is currently being dissolved, show that between June 2020 and June 2021 spent more than $55,000 on legal fees including attorneys’ costs.

Meghan and Harry’s charities have been mired in controversy since their launch, revealing family divisions and were hit with a UK watchdog investigation and criticism over their use of opaque and secretive Delaware corporations.

UK Companies House filings show the defunct British charity had more than $380,000 in its accounts in 2020, and spent at least $55,600 on attorneys, including about $35,000 to Harbottle & Lewis and $20,600 to an unidentified law firm. 

The Sussexes’ American charity Archewell was set up in April 2020, but did not open its bank account until January 2021 their lawyers say. Archewell received its first deposit the following month, according to the foundation’s filings. 

Charities are required to file a public ‘Form 990’ with the IRS each year which details their finances. Most charities that receive less than $50,000 are only required to file a ‘postcard’ with some very limited information.

This month, Harry and Meghan’s charity told the IRS its gross receipts for 2020 were less than $50,000. 

The lack of donations to the former royals’ charity last year could come as a surprise after news of its launch made headlines around the world in April 2020.

But sources close to Harry and Meghan told the Telegraph last year they were delaying any official Archewell projects to focus on the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, and would begin in earnest ‘when the time is right’. 

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