Heatwave will see temperatures reach 35c next week!

A somewhat tame Spring and Summer with little in the way of hot weather so far looks set to change. This current week will see the mercury begin to rise and by Friday highs of 25c should be reached in London.

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Sunday and Monday will see temperatures a touch lower before a second scorching wave of heat will lead to many firing up the BBQ or heading for the UK’s beaches.

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Whilst the heatwave is not going to affect all parts for those in the Southern half of the country the next 10 days will be the best of the year by some distance. The hottest temps will always be around the London area but all areas mentioned can expect temps reaching the mid 20s whilst London and the South East looks likely to break through the 30c barrier for the first time this year.

The peak of the heatwave looks set to be in just over a weeks time with 33c+ forecast for both Thursday & Friday. If you think that’s hot check out our European neighbours, Not far from the short journey across the channel max temps could be reaching over a sweltering 45c!

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