Home Office spending almost £5 million a day on hotels for asylum seekers

The Home Office was forced to admit its spending £4.7 million every day on housing asylum seekers in hotels.

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The department was forced to issue a correction after a senior civil servant yesterday told MPs the figure was £1.2million per day, as Priti Patel was questioned on Channel crossings.

In fact the figure given by Tricia Hayes to the Home Affairs Committee related only to Afghan refugees.

The Government said: An additional £3.5 million a day is being spent in accommodating asylum seekers from elsewhere. 

There are 25,000 asylum seekers and 12,000 Afghan refugees in hotels across the UK, a total of 37,000 according to the Home Office.

This works out at a cost of £127 per person per day. £4.7 million x 365 days equals £1.71 Billion a Year!!!!

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