Hospital parking fees to be abolished for thousands of patients from April 2020

NHS parking fees for thousands of disabled patients, visitors and staff working overnight will be abolished from April 2020.

The Conservative manifesto policy will apply to blue badge holders and patients who most regularly attend appointments for long-term conditions.

All hospital trusts in England will also be expected to provide free parking to the parents of sick children staying in hospital overnight and staff who are working night shifts.

Matt Hancock, the health secretary, said: “This month millions of people put their trust in this government to deliver. One of the concerns mentioned regularly on the doorsteps was that vulnerable people, and staff working nights, have to pay hospital car parking. 

“Currently, the situation varies from hospital to hospital. Instead from April, across the country those with the greatest need – such as disabled people, parents staying overnight with sick children in hospital, and NHS staff working nightshifts – will no longer have to pay for parking.”

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