House of Lords could delay emergency legislation to stop early release of terrorists

The House of Lords could delay emergency legislation next week aimed at blocking the early release of terrorists.

The unelected lords have called for the government plans to be postponed until later in the year so they have more time to scrutinise the changes.

The legislation aims to end the automatic release policy that allows convicted terrorists to be freed half-way through their sentences regardless if they are a risk to the public.

The government want to change the release point to two-thirds of the way through their sentence, and only if it has been approved by the Parole Board after proper assessment.

A report from the House of Lords said the government’s attempt to fast-track the bill through parliament does not give them enough time to consider its human rights implications.

A committee report said allowing Parole Boards to have the power to block early release at the halfway point would be sufficient and questioned why the extension of their time served in prison was necessary.