Household mixing to be allowed so families can enjoy 5 Days of Christmas get togethers!

The new plans reported by The Sun, Will allow families to spend Christmas together. Exact details of how many people will be allowed in a group are set to go down to crunch talks however up to 4 households is being discussed with a 4 Nation approach expected.

Health bosses are eyeing a five-day run when households could mix starting on Christmas Eve.

The plan will come as a huge boost to families who feared they might miss out on seeing their loved ones over Christmas.

But it may be less welcome news for those hoping they’d get away with not inviting the in-laws.

The Sun has revealed that Sage scientists have been modelling the impact of groups bigger than six meeting up.

With Christmas Eve falling on a Thursday and a planned Bank Holiday for Monday December 28, ministers are zeroing in on that five-day weekend for a short lifting of a ban on gathering in homes.

But those households that choose to link up are unlikely to be able to mix with others outside that grouping during the celebrations.