Huge queues at petrol stations as brits begin panic buying amid fuel shortage

Huge queues seen at petrol stations across the country amid fuel shortage fears.

Panic-buyers have been queuing up since the early hours to fill their tanks – despite the government insisting motorists “carry on as normal”.

On Thursday BP said it had closed a “handful” of its petrol stations due to a lock of available fuel. 

On Friday BP said up to 100 of its petrol stations have now been hit by fuel shortages.

A number of Tesco refilling stations have also been impacted.

But hoards of drivers have been making trips to stock up for fear the country’s fuel supply could completely run out due to a lack of HGV delivery drivers.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has tried to dissuade drivers from panic buying petrol, telling Sky News: “The advice would be to carry on as normal, and that is what BP is saying as well.

But Brits have been ignoring him in their thousands, rushing straight to the pump.

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