Hundreds of protesters clash with police as they march on Downing Street to ‘defy Tory rule’

Hundreds of protesters have descended on Downing Street to “defy Tory rule” after Boris Johnson election victory. 

A crowd of protesters were pictured in Westminster holding signs which read: “No to Boris Johnson” and “Defy Tory rule”.

Boris Johnson’ s election victory has seemingly enraged Brits in central London tonight. Protestors have decided to march on Downing Street and across central London chanting “not my Prime Minister”.

It comes after the Tories won a 80 seat majority in a historic election  which saw Labour suffer its worst election since 1935.

Boris Johnson vowed to repay Brexiteers trust after being re-elected as Prime Minister with a 365-seat Government. The Prime Minister went on to plead with Remainers to “find closure” with Brexit in a hope to unite the UK.

Videos of the protestors have since begun to surface online of protestors in multiple areas across London.

Many videos have shown clashes and loud chanting as protestors confront the police attempting to maintain the large groups of people.

Protestors can be seen holding signs saying “defy Tory rule” and ‘no to Boris Johnson.

Transport for London posted on Twitter : “Whitehall is closed both ways from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square” as certain areas become overrun with protestors.

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