Ian Blackford thrown out of Commons for accusing Boris Johnson of Lying

The SNP’s  leader in Westminster was thrown out of the Commons today for refusing to withdraw criticism of Boris Johnson.

Click here to watch the debate: https://www.gbnews.uk/news/ian-blackford-storms-out-of-commons-over-row-with-speaker-after-calling-pm-liar/216975

Ian Blackford was told to leave the chamber after accusing the Prime Minister of having ‘wilfully misled Parliament’.

He said: ‘He is guilty of serial failures of leadership & judgment. He has clearly misled Parliament.He is a Lier.’’

He was given several opportunities to withdraw the word ‘wilfully’ – meaning it was done deliberately – by Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, but refused to do so.

He then walked out the chamber as the Speaker officially ordered him to leave the Commons.

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