Iceland is selling ready meals for just 1p this week

Facebook community groups are full with tips about the best price reductions across supermarkets, discount voucher codes and other ways to cut down the ever-rising food bills.

This week, a popular bargain for households are the 1p frozen ready meals in Iceland.

Some of the dinners include macaroni cheese, spaghetti Bolognese, cottage pie and chicken stew and dumplings.

However it does not appear quite as good as it first sounds.

The offer is only for customers who shop online, and it is available on orders of at least £25.

And shoppers will be able to get just up to three of the dinners.

To get the offer, which is only available until Friday, use the code READY1P at the checkout. 

Richard Walker, managing director at Iceland, said: ‘Our customers told us that they really benefitted from our online 1p deal when we ran it with fresh veg, so we are really pleased to offer it now on frozen ready meals.

‘With research showing that people are giving up hot dinners due to cost-of-living concerns, offering frozen ready meals for 1p means shoppers can add them to their shop and freeze meals until they are needed.’

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