Independence day is here!

After years of finding ourselves ever more entangled in the constraints of the European Union against the wishes of the British people, Britain is finally cutting it’s ties and allowing itself to take back sovereignty.

The nation’s people have been fighting for years and have demanded in a referendum and again in an election that the wish to leave the EU is carried out fully. No half measures. Today marks an opportunity for the UK to be a proud and prosperous self governing nation which can be a leader on the world stage and open for business with the world without the shackles of the EU.

For the EU it’s a day where one almighty block has been taken from its foundations and should other European citizens demand the same for their country the EU as a project could find itself on the brink of collapse.

For Brexit supporters this is a day of celebration. Celebration for Nigel Farage, The man who has spent 30 years campaigning for this moment. A day for the 17.4 million, Who despite continued attempts by MPs to stop today coming kept up their desire to leave, backing Boris into a big majority so he could make it happen, And most importantly it is a day where democracy has won.

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