It is not ‘misgendering’ to call a man a man – it’s the truth.

J.K Rowling has been accused of ‘misgendering’. She, committed the modern sacrilege of calling a man a man. The man was India Willoughby, a TV presenter who thinks the fact he was castrated and then chose for himself a ‘designer vagina’ makes him a woman.

Rowling was tweeting her concerns about biological males being allowed into women-only spaces when an X user posted a video of Mr Willoughby dancing and asked Rowling if ‘this lady should use the men’s locker room’.

Rowling’s reply was brilliant: ‘You’ve sent me the wrong video. There isn’t a lady in this one, just a man revelling in his misogynistic performance of what he thinks “woman” means: narcissistic, shallow and exhibitionist.’

There wasn’t one lie in Rowling’s response. Willoughby is a man. A man without a knob no more becomes a woman than a dog without its bark becomes a cat.

The media jumped at the opportunity to brand J.K Rowling a transphobe. ”JK Rowling deliberately misgenders trans activist India Willoughby’, said the Independent. ”Her very public act of ‘misgendering’ is yet further proof of her ‘controrsial views’, said the Mirror.

Yes, it’s controversial now to say a man is not a woman.

To give voice to biological reality. To recognise the existence of sex. It is a testament to the swirling authoritarianism of our times that virtually overnight it has been made a damnable offence to express a truth humankind knew for tens of thousands of years: that there are men and women and they are not the same.

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