Jean-Claude Juncker warns No Deal Brexit will lead to Collapse of the UK

Jean-Claude Juncker has warned that No Deal Brexit will ‘lead to the collapse of the United Kingdom’ as the EU puts pressure on Boris Johnson to cave to its demands.

The commission president dismissed suggestions that the bloc will be to blame for failure to get an agreement, saying that Britain had committed the ‘original sin’ of trying to leave.  

The combative comments came amid claims the EU is considering offering the UK an extension lasting just weeks, rather than the three months.

Some member states want to deprive Boris Johnson of the time to hold an election, arguing that if he secures a majority it will put him in a stronger position.

Negotiations appear to be on life support after Mr Johnson had a brutal clash with Angela Merkel in a telephone call yesterday. 

Downing Street briefed that the German Chancellor had told the PM that Northern Ireland had to stay in the EU’s customs union and aligned to its regulations ‘forever’.

A No10 source said that made the task of getting a deal ‘impossible’, as the UK would never accept being divided.  

Both sides are now desperately scrambling to find a way through the impasse, but with little hope of success before a crunch summit next week. 

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