Jeremy Clarkson claims victory over council as he’s granted permission for plans

Jeremy Clarkson has claimed victory against West Oxfordshire District Council over plans to make a major change at his farm shop.

The 63-year-old started his row with the council last year when he put forward plans to bring more parking spaces to Diddly Squat

West Oxfordshire Council originally refused the plans leaving many local residents outraged.

A lack of car spaces at Clarkson’s farm forced hundreds of vehicles to pull up on the roadside.

The former Top Gear presenter, who starred in Amazon’s Clarkson’s Farm series, attracted visitors from across the country to Diddly Squat.

Customers reportedly queued for up to an hour at Clarkson’s shop in the Cotswolds.

A planning inspector has since overturned West Oxfordshire’s initial rejection.

Clarkson’s plan now has the green light to create more parking space at the site.

In a report, officer RJ Perrins said he grants permission for “an extension to existing parking area to formalise temporary parking and provision of new access arrangements”.

He added: “[Diddly Squat] does not ask for an entrance fee or advertise as a leisure or tourist attraction, it is not comparable to say a Wildlife Park or miniature railway which are reliant upon attracting tourists and paying visitors to be viable.

“I am in no doubt that this has caused a huge inconvenience for those who live nearby.

“It was clear to me that many people visiting on the day of my final site visit had no regard to the proper use of the highway, with verges being further churned up and traffic having to stop, as visitors walked the middle of the road or cars manoeuvred into tight spaces.

“From that snapshot in time I am not surprised, as heard in evidence, that tensions have run high between some of those living locally and some visitors to the farm shop.”

Clarkson had hoped to also add a restaurant to the site. However, despite accepting additional parking spaces, plans to create an eatery were rejected.


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