Jeremy Corbyn Is The Least Popular Opposition Leader In History

JEREMY CORBYN has received a major blow to his leadership after a poll showed his approval rating had sunk to the lowest of any opposition leader since records began in 1977.

Jeremy Corbyn has received the lowest leadership satisfaction rating for any opposition leader, with a whopping 76 percent of Britons revealing they are dissatisfied with the way is doing his job.

Just 16 percent said they were satisfied, according to an Ipsos MORI poll published today.

Even 41 percent of Labour party supporters said they were dissatisfied with Mr Corbyn’s leadership, compared to 51 percent who say they are satisfied.

The research was carried out from September 13 to 16 and revealed that Mr Corbyn has the worst ratings since Ipsos began collating records in 1977.

Ipsos MORI also asked the respondents if they thought the Labour leader had done a good or a bad job at handling Britain’s exit from the European Union.

77 percent said they thought Mr Corbyn was doing a bad job, with just 14 percent saying they thought he was doing his job well.

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