Jeremy Corbyn mocked & branded ‘deluded’ by voters over new year message

Jeremy Corbyn is facing ridicule over his New Year message in which he describes 2019 as “quite a year” but makes no mention of Labour’s disastrous election campaign, his delayed quitting or the antisemitism that has poisoned the party on his watch.

The outgoing leader, who led Labour to its worst performance at the polls since 1934, took a defiant stance as he insisted the party was “the resistance” against Boris Johnson and would be “on the front line” and “on the streets” opposing the Government.

His message also failed to mention the dozens of loyal Labour MPs who lost their seats in the party’s Midlands and northern strongholds where voters felt alienated by Mr Corbyn’s neutral Brexit position and roundly rejected the long list of promises in his left-wing manifesto.

Instead he boasted of “building a movement” and vowed to press ahead with “the fight”.

One former Labour MP branded Mr Corbyn “deluded” and accused him of failing to understand the damage caused under his “dreadful” leadership.

In the message, Mr Corbyn said: “2019 has been quite the year for our country and for our Labour movement.

“We have built a movement. We are the resistance to Boris Johnson.

“We will be campaigning every day. We will be on the front line, both in Parliament and on the streets.”

“We’re not backed by the press barons, by the billionaires or by the millionaires who work for the billionaires. We’re backed by you. We are by the many, for the many.

Phil Wilson, who was Labour MP for Sedgefield until he lost his seat at the election, tweeted: “No Jeremy Corbyn, you are not part of the resistance to Boris Johnson you are one of enablers of Boris Johnson.

Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas tweeted: “After a dismal decade for Labour – four election defeats ending with our lowest number of MPs since 1935, here’s hoping the next decade sees no more wild, multi-billion pound ‘fully costed’ manifestos, an end to antisemitism and a Leader who thinks winning is better than opposition.”

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