Jeremy Corbyn nominates John Bercow for a peerage

Jeremy Corbyn has nominated former Commons speaker John Bercow for a peerage despite Boris Johnson snubbing the controversial former Speaker, it was claimed today.

Labour is believed to have stepped in after the PM ripped up the convention that MPs go to the House of Lords after stepping down from the chair. 

Such a move would be remarkable given that Mr Bercow was a Tory MP.

The former Speaker was accused of repeatedly twisting parliamentary procedure to help Remainers thwart the government delivering Brexit.

Mr Bercow was also embroiled in rows over bullying allegations which he flatly denied.

However, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stepped in and nominated Mr Bercow for a peerage, according to the Sunday Times.

He is has also put forward former Labour deputy leader Tom Watson.

But Labour has refused to comment on any of the claims. 

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