Jeremy Corbyn not equipped to run Britain say three in four voters

Just one in four voters think Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is ready to become Prime Minister, an exclusive poll reveals today.

An overwhelming majority of 65 per cent believe he is not equipped to step into No 10, according to the Ipsos MORI survey for the Standard.

The finding, ahead of tonight’s live debate on BBC1, suggests millions of voters have already decided that Mr Corbyn is not suited for the highest office.

His ratings have gone down since 2017 when he lost to Theresa May — and an astonishing 73 per cent now say they do not like him. 

Fewer voters think Mr Corbyn is ready to take the reins than did in 2017, when he scored 31 per cent.

Labour faced new controversy over its Left-wing manifesto when shadow chancellor John McDonnell admitted it opened the door to the return of secondary picketing, a form of industrial action that caused major disruption to Britain in the Seventies before being outlawed.

His score is marginally higher than the 21 per cent that Ed Miliband achieved in 2015 before one of the party’s worst ever defeats. 

An overwhelming majority of 73 per cent say they “do not like” Mr Corbyn, an even worse score than the 67 per cent who do not like Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

Just 23 per cent like Mr Corbyn, giving him the lowest “likeability” score since 2007, when Ipsos MORI began asking the question. Boris Johnson is “liked” by 44 per cent, Jo Swinson by 34, and Nigel Farage by 27.

Mr Johnson is clear ahead as the most “capable” Prime Minister, chosen by 49 per cent compared with only 30 per cent for Mr Corbyn.

Just 22 per cent think Labour has “a good team of leaders” compared with 37 per cent for the Conservatives.

Ipsos MORI interviewed 1,228 adults across GB by phone, November 15-19. Data are weighted. Details from

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