Jeremy Corbyn Pleads with MPs ‘make me PM to Stop no-deal Brexit’ in Desperate cross-party plot

Jeremy Corbyn was accused of plotting a Desperate coup last night after he pleaded with MPs ”make me caretaker Prime Minster to stop a No Deal Brexit.

In a letter to rebel Tories and Opposition parties, Corbyn said he was ready to lead a time-limited government to secure an extension to Article 50 process, taking the UK past the October 31 deadline by which Boris Johnson has vowed, ”DO or DIE”,to take the UK out of the European Union.

Mr Corbyn Pleaded for support to bring down Boris Johnson with a commons vote of no confidence, saying he would then stop no-deal before calling a general election and campaigning for a second referendum.

Humiliatingly for the Labour leader, Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson rejected the plea, saying it was not a serious proposal to stop No-Deal.

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