Jeremy Corbyn refuses to apologise for failure to tackle anti-Semitism within the Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly refused to apologise over his handling of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, in a car crash interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil.

It follows stinging criticism from the Chief Rabbi earlier on Tuesday, who asked people to “vote with their conscience” in the general election.

Andrew Neil, opens with a question on the chief rabbi’s claims on antisemitism within the Labour party.

Jeremy Corbyn says antisemitism is not acceptable within society or his party and says he has amended the party’s processes to have people guilty of antisemitism from the party.

He also denies the accusation that instances of antisemitism have risen during his tenure as leader.

Mr Corbyn was asked to apology several times for his poor leadership dealing with anti-semitism within the labour party.

Mr Corbyn refused to apology or accept that there is a major problem with anti-semitism within labour ranks.

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