Jeremy Corbyn to give all EU Migrants the right to bring their families to the UK

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will give EU migrants the right to bring their families to the UK if he becomes PM.

The Labour leader indicated today his party’s manifesto will give EU nationals who have made the UK their home the right to bring their family over too.

The Government currently requires anyone who wants to bring a spouse from outside of the EU to be earning at least £18,600 a year, and more if they have kids.

And parents and children have a specific set of rules to follow if they want to join their family in the UK.

But Mr Corbyn said today he would give the “right of family reunion” if he gets to No10.

He told the BBC: “A lot of EU nationals have made their homes in this society.

“Many families have been through unbelievable levels of stress.

“They must have the right to remain and bring their families here.”

Mr Corbyn said there would be a “great deal” of free movement after Brexit too.

His words come after Labour’s Diane Abbott said earlier this week: “The Labour Party is committed to maintaining & extending Freedom of Movement rights.

“The Tories break up families by barring spouses of British citizens, via an income requirement. Labour will scrap it, and extend Freedom of Movement rights to all those legally entitled to be here.”

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