Jeremy Cornyn threatens to sue Nigel Farage over ‘highly defamatory statement’

Jeremy Corbyn has threatened to take legal action against Nigel Farage over a “highly defamatory statement”.

The former Labour leader, who now sits as an independent MP, said he could not let “disgusting and malicious lies go unchallenged”.

A statement from Mr Corbyn’s team alleged that the former Brexit Party leader had “accused Jeremy Corbyn of subscribing to an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory”.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, the MP said: “I have asked my lawyers to take the first steps in commencing legal proceedings against Nigel Farage, following a highly defamatory statement about me.

“We are a movement for peace – and we cannot stand by and let these disgusting and malicious lies go unchallenged.”

He added: “Our demonstrations for a ceasefire are made up of people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds, united in a desire to end human suffering.

“We continue to march because people continue to die and we will not allow others to cynically and deliberately distort our calls for peace.”

In 2018, Ben Bradley, the Tory MP, apologised for posting a “wholly untrue false” statement about Mr Corbyn passing British secrets to a communist spy after he was threatened with legal action over the allegation.

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