Jeremy Kyle to return to TV screens!

Jeremy Kyle will return to TV screens next month after a three-year absence following The Jeremy Kyle Show’s final episode.

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The opinionated broadcaster will make his long-awaited comeback on TalkTV on April 25.

Jeremy already hosts a radio show for TalkRadio, which will also be broadcast on the network.

He is joining Piers Morgen and political journalist Tom Newton-Dunn as part of the new channel’s exciting portfolio.

News UK broadcasting president Scott Taunton said: “We have a roster of new talent who will bring compelling new shows to the screen every weekday evening, alongside journalists from across News UK who have expertise in every genre.

“Our existing professional talent on TalkRadio already have their own followings and we will be bringing these popular and informed discussions about news and current affairs to a wider audience.

“Our launch schedule should get the nation talking and bring new choice to viewers in the market.”

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