John Bercow banned from holding Commons pass and branded ‘serial bully’ 

The ex Commons Speaker John Bercow has been banned from holding a House of Commons pass as an ex-MP after a bullying inquiry relating to his treatment of three staff members.

Bercow was found to have bullied staff members by the standards commissioner, Kathryn Stone, and her verdict was on Tuesday upheld by an independent expert panel. The report upheld 21 out of 35 claims against him made by former staff relating to behaviour during his decade as Speaker.

As Speaker, Bercow made a number of high-profile stands against the government’s use of Brexit legislation, allowing a number of unorthodox challenges by MPs. But his final years in the role were dogged by allegations of bullying, including swearing at officials and throwing his mobile phone.

The allegations were brought by Lord Lisvane, the former clerk of the Commons, and private secretaries Kate Emms and Angus Sinclair.

Bercow, a former Conservative MP, who has since defected to Labour was previously denied a peerage despite being nominated by the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Bercow released a statement on the findings, calling the investigation “amateurish” and claiming the complainants had been resisting his attempts to modernise parliament.

The former Speaker said: “Parliament is supposed to be the highest court in the land. This inquiry, which lasted a ghastly 22 months at great cost to the taxpayer, has failed it dismally. At the end of it, the panel has simply said that I should be denied a parliamentary pass which I have never applied for and do not want. That is the absurdity of its position.”

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