John McDonnell to quit after Labour defeat and says ‘we’ll all go’

John McDonnell has confirmed that he is stepping down from frontline politics once a new Labour leader is selected. 

Mr McDonnell, a key Jeremy Corbyn ally, said he would be leaving the shadow cabinet – and others will be doing the same.

It follows Labour’s worst general Election performance since 1935, with Boris Johnson’s Tories sweeping to power with a majority of 80. 

He told Sky News: “We will all go now. The new leader will come in place and appoint a shadow cabinet. I won’t be part of the shadow cabinet.

“I’ve done my bit. We need to move on at that stage with that new leader.

“I think we’ll be in a position where we’ll be learning lessons listening to people.”

Shadow chancellor Mr McDonnell wrote on Twitter: “To avoid any confusion, in response to doorstep I have confirmed that when the new leader is elected I will leave the Shadow Cabinet. Like Jeremy and with his approval I will remain in position until then.”

It comes as Mr Corbyn and his allies face calls to stand aside and let a new leader rebuild the party after it won just 203 seats – 59 less than two years ago.

Mr Corbyn announced on Friday that he will not continue as Labour leader into another election, but has yet to confirm when he will leave.

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