Just Stop Oil crash George Osborne’s wedding by throwing orange confetti over couple

A Just Stop Oil activist has been branded “shameful” after crashing George Osborne’s wedding in Somerset earlier today.

A lone eco-warrior ran up to the ex-Chancellor and wife Thea Rogers as they exited the 14th Century St Mary’s Church in the Somerset village of Bruton

Osborne looked confused as the grey-haired woman clutching a Union Jack bag approached the couple.

She then doused the newlyweds, who have two children together, in orange confetti and was left grinning before eventually being ushered away.

Around 200 people attended the former Chancellor’s ceremony, including ex-Prime Minister David Cameron and Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove.

Just Stop Oil appeared to take responsibility for the incident.

The group wrote on Twitter: “You look good in orange George Osborne – Congratulations to the newlyweds.”

Just Stop Oil have been slammed on social media following the incident, with ex-Home Secretary Priti Patel labelling her “shameful”.

GB News commentator Adam Brooks added: “I’m definitely not a fan of a George Osborne, but wow, trashing someone’s wedding, you lot are an utter disgrace.”

Gove’s ex-wife Sarah Vine said: “Jesus Christ. What is wrong with people? It their WEDDING for Christ’s sake. And their kids are there.

“And George hasn’t been in Government for six years. Why do people think they can just abuse politicians in this way? It’s grotesque.”


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