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Kate teased for ‘nattering too much’ as they help out at food bank

William teased Kate about ‘nattering too much’ while they helped foodbank volunteers prepare parcels for those in need.

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The Prince and Princess of Wales were seen smiling and chatting with staff at Windsor Foodshare today.

William went over to his wife as she spoke with some workers and teased: ‘There’s too much nattering going on over here’.

They were shown around the building, introduced to everyone there and told about the charity’s values of not judging anyone based on their circumstances.

The food bank, part of Windsor Christian Action, helps those who are referred from schools, doctors and social services.

It provides weekly packages with tinned products, bread, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables for a short-term period of time.

It also supplies monthly toiletries and cleaning products while offering a home delivery service for those with mobility issues.

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