Katie Price confirms Channel 4 series Mucky Mansion has been axed!

Katie Price has confirmed her Channel 4 show Mucky Mansion has been axed as she prepares to rent out her West Sussex home for £6K a week.


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The makeover series, which last aired in February, saw the model, 45, attempt to transform the 19 room £3 million properly after it fell into a state of disrepair.

She said on her podcast: ‘I’m still thinking of renting it, it’s just too big for me. I’m always up in Essex [where on-off fiancé Carl Wood lives] at the minute’.

‘[I want to] get something smaller. I don’t know. I just think this house gives me bad luck’.

Before adding: ‘It’s such a good family home but it is too big for me. It’s more of an excuse for the kids to make a mess.

A third season was planned, however a report earlier this year suggested producers ‘wen’t  too keen’ on renewing the programme after viewing figures collapsed.

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