Katie Price says people shouldn’t judge her for drink drive crash

Katie Price says “people shouldn’t judge her” for drink drive car crash.

The reality star said she feels “ashamed” about her actions, but isn’t ready to talk about the “traumatic events” that made her get behind the wheel.

She is now seeing a therapist every week and claims 2022 will be a year of “no more dramas”.

Admitting she was lucky to dodge spending Christmas behind bars, Katie said: 

“I’ve made the decision finally to see a therapist every week, and will do forever, to deal with the traumatic events that led me up to that car. 

“I feel ashamed about it all. It was a traumatic build up to it. The reasons I’m still dealing with now.

“It’s a new year, but I’m still dealing with it all. I think people shouldn’t judge others. There are reasons for why people do things.”

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