Katie Price to have ribs removed to shrink waist in extreme surgery

Katie Price is reportedly planning on having her ribs removed in an extreme surgery in a bid to shrink her waist.

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The source explained that Katie’s next surgery “is to get a rib removed to create a svelte waist”.

Katie apparently “misses her old physique and womanly curves” – which is why she’s considering going ahead with the drastic procedure.

People have 24 ribs, known as 12 pairs of ribs and they exist to protect our organs.

But some experts claim that we don’t actually need all of our ribs, and that seven sets are all that we need. The five remaining sets are dubbed as ‘false ribs’ with the bottom two sets known as ‘floating ribs’.

It’s usually the floating ribs that get removed if a person wants to go ahead with the procedure, and it involves making small incisions on both sides of the spine to remove them from the ribcage.

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