Katie Price warned her lips could explode as she gets third round of lip filler

Katie Price has been warned her lips could explode as she gets third round of lip filler in just 4 weeks. She shown off her ‘massive’ new lips and bum after getting them pumped up with filler in a gruesome clip.

The former glamour model is known for her love of bodily enhancements and revealed her new pout on Wednesday.

It is yet another surgery for Katie, who has already had various boob jobs, nose jobs and cosmetic work such as fillers and botox.

She shared a graphic video of the injection as she broadcast getting her new surgeries live on TikTok.

Katie appeared bleary-eyed as the needle punctured her lips, making them as large as possible with a noticeable dip in the middle.

However the TV personality was quick to exclaim how much she ‘loves’ her new look.

She said: ‘I just love them! I love how you’ve done the dip and made them flatter today. Like, little and often I just love them.’

‘Love them,’ she reiterated, before winking at the camera. Later adding: ‘Oh my god, my lips look massive today!’

Later on, the mother-of-five shared a clip of having work on her bum to banish her ‘hip dips’ after getting a Brazilian butt lift four weeks ago.

Her aesthetic practitioner said: ‘So here’s Katie’s results. The hip dips are completely filled out and it looks nice and perfectly curved. It’s really softened up as well!’

Katie admitted she ‘regretted’ getting a BBL many years ago in Turkey, saying it left her in a lot of pain and she ended up getting it removed.

She confessed: ‘I’ll tell you what did go wrong. I did go to Turkey and had a BBL years ago and it was the worst thing I ever did.

‘The pain, I hated it and had it taken back out. It was awful.’

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