Katie Price’s son Harvey gets a Guinness World Record for amazing achievement

The mum-of-five proudly boasted about his amazing achievement, having been awarded for the world’s longest drawing of a train measuring in at 21.3 metres long.

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The 21-year-old had joined forces with charity Mencap to try and make the world record book.

Announcing his efforts last month, Harvey said: “This week, I start my  @guinnessworldrecords challenge for @mencap Learning Disability Week… me and my team will be attempting to draw the world’s longest train!

“I’m so excited!!”

Katie shared the happy news that Harvey had completed his challenge as she beamed with pride.

Katie – who had a bandage on her nose from her recent nose job – said: “Harvey and his Guinness World Record certificate for the world’s longest drawing of a train.”

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