Kids ‘frozen’ as School confiscates coats to get them to buy it’s branded ones

Parents have slammed a school after their kids were left “frozen” outside when teachers confiscated their coats because don’t have the school logo.

Pupils at Bishop Heber in Cheshire can only wear a branded school jacket on school grounds.

Photos taken by parents show staff walking around outside in warm overcoats while some children are just in jumpers.

The school says it believes if children were allowed to wear their own coats, it would “erode the great relationships we have with the students”, because they would push the boundaries and start to wear hoodies.

Parents have also complained about the cost and quality of the £25 branded school coat, with one mum saying it was not sufficient to keep her children warm.

She said: “They would literally have to have a branded polo, branded sweater, branded fleece and branded anorak in order to be warm and dry outside. These four items would set parents back by £94.50.

Another parent said: “It was bitterly cold, freezing all day, and his hands were so cold that he couldn’t hold his pen in English. When he came out of school he was absolutely frozen.

“These children are freezing outside, then they’re going into a classroom with the windows all open, they have a right to be warm.”

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