Kim Kardashian reveals her real hair after multiple makeovers

Kim Kardashian reveals her real hair for the first time after multiple makeovers.

Click Here to Watch the Video: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11594377/Kim-Kardashian-reveals-real-hair-multiple-dye-jobs-extensions.html

Her son ‘North’ filmed his mother revealing her real hair. The nine-year-old posted a video of Kim and her daughter singing along to Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

In the clip, Kim, 42, can be seen sitting on her bed in her pyjamas sporting a fresh-faced no make-up look.

But what captured fans’ attentions was her short tresses, which looked very different from usual.

The reality star’s real hair – without extensions, wigs or styling – looked much thinner and drier than normal.

Fans took to the comments to react to the look, with many lamenting the loss of her original hair.

One said: ‘Kimberly’s hair must be tired bc of the bleaching.’

While another wrote: ‘She literally had the most beautiful silky black hair ever’.

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