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King Charles to deliver personal Easter message of hope and unity to ‘reassure the nation’

King Charles to deliver personal Easter message of hope and unity to ‘reassure the nation’

King Charles is to rally the nation in a powerful Easter message of hope and unity on Maundy Thursday.

The 75-year-old monarch will seek to bring both the nation and the Royal Family together after the turbulence of recent months.

The  special Easter message will be broadcast at Worcester Cathedral and a source said the King was keen to “provide reassurance” following Kate’s cancer announcement on Friday. The source said: “The King wants to reassure the public over the Easter weekend and is very much hoping to be able to lead the Royal Family at the church service on Sunday.”

Veteran royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams suggested the King may also decide to focus on “the spiritual” and the importance of family in his Easter message. He told the Express: “His message, released at the Royal Maundy Thursday service, a favourite event of the late Queen, assumes a new importance at this unpredictable time.

“The message from the King will focus on the spiritual on this significant religious anniversary, but he is likely to personalise it too. Catherine, in her video message, talked of focusing on ‘the things which will help me heal, in my mind, body and spirit’.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity, unique to the royal family, to get across some positive ideas in a world where the lives of so many are marred by illness and conflict.

“Catherine stressed the pivotal importance of the family, especially in tough times and this is a possible theme for the King’s message at a highly pressured time for the royal family. The challenges facing them are also facing a great many others.”

He added: “The King knows the importance attached to being seen and is reportedly hoping to attend the annual Easter service at Windsor. Last year the royal family were out in force, this year numbers will be limited but interest, usually minimal compared to their appearance at Christmas, will be worldwide.”

His strength and resilience were praised by a former senior royal aide yesterday

On Thursday, Queen Camilla, 76, will step in for her husband and distribute the Royal Maundy gifts on his behalf.

Charles is unable to attend the Maundy service himself as he has been advised to postpone public-facing duties while he continues to be treated for cancer.

This year’s annual Royal Maundy Service is taking place at Worcester Cathedral. A different cathedral or abbey is chosen each year, in a tradition started by the late Queen Elizabeth.

The King will be there in spirit however, with his Easter message broadcast to those in attendance. He is expected to focus on the traditional meaning of the Christian holiday, one of hope and new beginnings

Traditionally, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the defeat of death and the hope of salvation – themes that are likely to emerge in the King’s personal message.

The last time a monarch recorded an Easter message was in 2020 when the late Queen Elizabeth spoke of “light overcoming darkness” during the coronavirus pandemic. In 2018, the then-Prince of Wales called for forgiveness in a video to mark his first Easter message.

Charles is hoping to attend the annual Easter Sunday church service at Windsor Castle if his health allows.

He has continued to work behind the scenes, carrying out private audiences and staying on top of his stately duties.

The King has been pictured on dozens of occasions since his cancer diagnosis was revealed at the start of February, and spoke in a pre-recorded video to mark Commonwealth Day earlier this month.

“He is utterly determined to put on a show of unity for his family and reassure the public and wider world that the monarchy is stable, despite the current tumultuous period it is experiencing. The King is very much hoping he will be able to make the Easter church service but will make a final decision on the day.”

The Sunday church service has been dubbed “Easter-lite” as it is not likely to be a large family gathering in order to safeguard the monarch’s health.

The Prince and Princess of Wales and their family will not be there, as they focus on Kate’s recovery.

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