Labour backs new open border policy allowing uncontrolled immigration

Labour’s annual conference have just passed a motion urging Jeremy Corbyn to include a commitment to Freedom of Movement which will basically end all border controls in Labour’s next manifesto.

Labour’s 2017 manifesto vowed to end free movement when the Uk leaves the European Union.

But delegates in Brighton have voted to reject that and to extend migrants rights.

This new open border policy will be seen as a betrayal by traditional labour voters, who voted for Brexit. This move will likely be enough for them to vote for the Brexit Party at the next election.

The New Open Border Policy means…..

  • Oppose the current immigration legislation and any curbing of rights
  • Campaign for free movement, equality and rights for migrants
  • Reject any immigration system based on incomes, migrants’ utility to business, and number caps/targets
  • Close all detention centres
  • Ensure unconditional right to family reunion
  • Maintain and extend free movement rights
  • End “no recourse to public funds” policies
  • Scrap all Hostile Environment measures… and restrictions on migrants’ NHS access
  • Extend equal rights to vote to all UK residents regardless of nationality

Nigel Farage said ”Labour now officially the party of open door mass migration without control. Old labour voters will be appalled by this”.

Migration Watch UK said ” This is a foolhardy call for completely uncontrolled mass immigration as well as for the dismantling of any effective means of removal. If these policies ever reach the statute book, we will all rue the day, especially the most vulnerable.”

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