Lee Anderson joins Reform UK

Lee Anderson has joined Reform UK in a blow to Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party.

The former Tory Deputy Chairman was officially announced as Reform’s first MP at a press conference in London alongside Reform UK leader Richard Tice this morning.

The party scored double-digit vote shares in both the Wellingborough and Kingswood by elections, finishing third place in both.

Speaking at the press conference today, Lee Anderson said: “I’ll start by saying I want my country back.

“Over the last year or so I have done a lot of soul searching on my political journey. I don’t expect much in politics other than to be able to speak my mind and to be able to speak on behalf of my friends and family and some of my constituents.

“My opinions are not controversial, these are opinions shared by millions up and down the country.

“It is no secret that I’ve been talking to my friends in Reform for a while. And Reform UK has offered me the chance to speak out in Parliament on behalf of millions of people up and down the country who feel that they’re not being listened to.

“People will say that I’ve took a gamble. And I’m prepared to gamble on myself, as I know from my mailbag how many people in this country support Reform UK and what they have to say. And like millions of people up and down the country, all I want is my country back.”

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