Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson lashes out at Labour – ‘Remainers can’t trust Jeremy Corbyn’

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson took a swipe at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as she launched her party’s general election campaign on Tuesday.
Addressing supporters, she said: “And Jeremy Corbyn, where do we start?

“Jeremy Corbyn will not give you a straight answer on the biggest issue facing this country.

“It is clear a vote for Labour is a vote for Brexit.

“Every single time Jeremy Corbyn refuses to say whether he would back Remain or Leave it is clear that Remainers cannot trust Jeremy Corbyn.”

Ms Swinson also claimed staying in the EU would produce a £50billion “Remain bonus” that could be spent on public services.

She said: “Any type of Brexit will damage our economy, will cost jobs and starve our public services of the resources that they need.

“So we know that that Remain bonus will be £50billion that we can spend on our public services, investing in our schools and in the welfare system to help the poorest in our society.

“So every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit and invest that £50 billion in our public services.”